What Else Can Inventory Software Do?

Inventory software is a broad term that encompasses all things inventory. Businesses use inventory software to keep track of physical inventory quantities and the designated location of goods on hand. In addition to the traditional stand-alone application, some software companies also offer a web-based inventory application that makes information accessible virtually anywhere with an internet connection.

For companies that need more functionality, the inventory software options vary. If, for example, you want to track circulating inventory such as shared equipment or tools, Check In-Out inventory software would be an excellent fit. Know who has an item, when it is due, and the moment the inventory item is checked in, much like a library book. Consumable inventory- note pads, first aid kits and evidence items – may also be tracked to determine when new supplies should be ordered. Select applications now offer a kitting feature. Kitting provides the ability to track multiple check-out items at once.

A key component in controlling inventory is effective software. Fire Departments, Police Departments and Emergency Response Teams are among the many types of organizations and groups benefitting from Check In-Out software because it helps reduce inventory error and cost. If you are saving lives every day, your schedule leaves little to no time for tracking critical department resources or equipment.

In order to efficiently account for fire, police or emergency response teams’ department resources, a system should be easy to use. Wireless-ready software accomplishes this goal. Wireless-enabled (RF) software allows real-time inventory tracking through the use of a mobile handheld computer. Secure data transactions performed on the mobile device are instantly incorporated into the database. The system should also keep an accurate item history should you need to perform an inventory audit or reorder supplies. Selecting an easy-to-use system saves time and reduces department costs in the long term.

Types of Equipment to be Tracked:

  • Fire Hoses
  • Turnout Gear
  • Uniforms
  • First Aid Kits
  • Medical Supplies
  • Light Bulbs
  • Two-way Radios
  • Laptop Computers
  • And More…

Make Check In-Out Software part of your arsenal. Let us recap check in-out inventory software’s functionality. Check In-Out tracks circulating and shared equipment, provides user and departmental accountability, prevents inventory errors, which reduce unnecessary material ordering, and provides maintenance and calibration support for inventory and equipment. Look for Check In-Out Software that is available as a wireless system or a Batch version. Remember, optimizing your inventory process is cost-effective and critical for long-term goals.