Manufacturing Inventory Software

Manufacturing inventory software is an excellent solution for the tracking and controlling of inventory effectively. This provides better control on spending, reduces inventory costs and increases productivity. This software manages the inventory in ware house inventory, logistic inventory and stock room inventory. The manufacturing inventory software can manage inventory in process manufacturing with or without the tracking and the expiration dates. Supply chain management can be done using manufacturing inventory software. Inventory software can help in ISO certification and can meet other quality requirements. Advanced manufacturing software provides additional functionality in distribution using the global trade item number. This software also provides help during data conversion and customer and supplier listing.

Manufacturing enterprises face many problems such as increased inventory carrying cost, higher premium freight charges, decreased customer satisfaction, diminished asset utilization, decreased supplier performance etc. Many benefits can be achieved if the enterprise improves the management of its supply chain and inventory flow. The manufacturing inventory software provides the benefits such as inventory reductions throughout the networked supply chain, premium freight reduction, improved transportation utilization, increased service levels from suppliers, reduced administrative effort, improved quality levels etc.

Manufacturing inventory software combines several inventory based processes by gathering, compiling, analyzing, and storing essential inventory data in an intelligent manner. Some important features of inventory software include payable and receivable accounts, point of sale, sales order, purchase order, quotations, shipping, receiving and inventory data analysis. This program helps when there is more than one location storing inventory by tracking lot numbers, barcodes and serial numbers. Many companies set special days every year to gather inventory information. This software can increase the productivity of these inventory days and make sure that the recorded data remains accurate throughout the year. The manufacturing inventory software generates inventory reports and so the numbers are available at any time of the year.

Network Inventory Software – Key Component of IT Management Toolkit

A corporate computer infrastructure consists of many components working together to provide business with various IT tools and services. It includes servers, desktops and laptops hardware, operation systems, business applications and networking infrastructure, which allows combining all the components into one corporate network. An IT infrastructure is a critical part of almost every company, thus its health should be monitored in the 24/7 mode to prevent problems and standstills whose cost can be too high for a business. Using network inventory software enables IT departments to get detailed information about every component of the computer infrastructure in order to detect and resolve problems quickly and eliminate possible risks for the future.

Advantages of automatic network inventory
Information about software and hardware environment for every computer in the network is often referred to as the network inventory database. Network administrators can create it by auditing every PC manually, but if there are more than five computers in the network, it makes sense to use inventory software to save time and effort. Network audit software allows collecting detailed information about each and every PC into a centralized database within only a few minutes. Depending on the application used, the network audit can be performed in an automatic or semi-automatic mode. Best inventory software offers agent-less audit – it means that no manual agent installation on every PC is required to collect inventory information. It significantly simplifies the process, because in order to collect inventory information from remote PCs, administrators only have to have an administrative access to them though a local network.

What are the benefits of having a centralized database with inventory information? Depending on the tool used for the audit, you may collect very detailed information about every software and hardware asset. For instance, you can get information about the CPU, memory, motherboard, graphic card and other hardware devices. This information is important for hardware upgrades, because it lets you know, for example, which PCs have an old-generation graphic card, or how many free memory slots are available on the server to install additional memory. All low-level information is available too, so you can check the serial numbers of the hardware assets and their specifications if you need it.

An inventory database is incomplete without software inventory information, thus, it should also be extracted from remote PCs in the scope of network audit scanning. The information collected includes a list of applications installed on every PC. This list isn’t something extraordinary if it’s generated for a single PCs, but an aggregated report for the entire network gives you important information on how many times every application is installed across the network. You can compare this information with your licensing records to see how many free licenses for every application you have. Additionally, you may scan the hard drives of the network computers for not licensed or not authorized content, for example, to detect movie or music files.

Network inventory software stores hundreds of entries for every computer, so having an effective reporting system is important to organize all that data. The reporting tool allows tracking asset changes, generating summary reports based on high-level information and creating customized inventory reports. Such reports may help you to quickly detect and resolve problems with remote PCs. For example, you can quickly find all the PCs running low on their hard drive space or the PCs where the latest OS patches have not been installed.

Download Professional Network Inventory Software for SMB and Enterprise

Network Inventory

A very necessary condition for a company to carry out all operations successfully is to have a first-rate state of all of its computer assets. This is precisely the reason why all of the company’s hardware and software should be inventoried regularly. A system administrator is required to audit the operation of PC hardware and check if all the PC parts operate normally and are on their designated places. An administrator has to audit and control the installed programs and software licenses on the computers. It would be very easy to resolve the inventory problem, if your computers happen to be connected to a local network, by using network inventory software.

With the help of a network inventory, it is extremely easy to generate a database of a network inventory. You would need to install the network inventory software on the administrator’s computer and add all the computers that are to be inventoried and managed, into the program inventory database. Subsequently, you would be able to access any information and facts about the software and hardware via the network.

With a network inventory, you don’t need to any more leave your seat to collect the information. You can easily do it remotely.

There are so many kinds of inventory software available in the market that it is difficult to determine, which one to choose. Provided here are few tips, which would help you to determine what to look for in inventory software:

• As the very first thing, a good inventory software collects the inventory data from computers and let the administrator track all the changes in software.

• If a networks user installs or uninstalls an application, this software would monitor the change and log in into the inventory change log.

• The software should allow you to generate a variety of reports for a single PC or a group of PCs connected to the network.

• A good software would also ideally maintain the license auditing.

• A good software would also let you track and manage computer hardware. This ability would allow you to get an update if a computer part disappears, fails, or replaced.

• All the changes made to hardware are recorded in log and one can generate reports.

• This software should also allow you to create summary tables for hardware, which can help you to know and learn the outdated computer details that may need upgrading. The software should ideally allow you to select any of the parts from a computer to be included into table as columns. For instance, you may include PCs with a particular CPU model or some other particular installed applications and hard drives etc to your report.

One can save himself/herself from a lot many problems and also save your efforts and time when you go for inventorying your network connected computers on a regular basis with a network inventory software. Monitor and track the network computer software and hardware, create reports, and also be notified on the changes in network inventory, on time and every time.