Best Inventory Software – Learn About the Top 5 for Small Business

One of the biggest problems that small to mid-sized businesses face today is having an inventory control method that works well for them. Of course inventories are managed on a computer using software but it is hard to know exactly what is the best inventory software.

Provided below are the names of some of the best inventory software programs available today with a brief breakdown on each.

A really straight forward type of inventory software is named ABC Inventory. This software is very powerful being able to generate most types of reports that any manger would require including task lists, sales quotations, mailing labels and more. It is actually built on the Microsoft access framework so if you are familiar with how office works, you will feel right at home.

One of the more basic inventory control software is actually named Basic Inventory Control. It is extremely simple to use but this software might not be appropriate for power users wishing to generate many different reports. The design of the interface could use some updating as it looks like it was made in 1998.

An up and coming inventory management system named Chronos eStockCard inventory software has a very easy to use interface with tons of help files to lower the learning curve. The problem is that with many drop down boxes and menus, a user may not figure out all the functionally of the software without using the help files. One problem that has been reported by some users is that changing from screen to screen can be very sluggish. Ones these bugs are ironed out, this program will most definitely be a contender for one of the best software systems for inventory.

One of the most popular types of inventory management software is named Inflow. Inflow was built on the principles that software should be easy and yet still powerful in order to run reports that you need. With a very pretty interface and easy to understand design, this software is the choice for many small to mid-sized business owners and has been the most downloaded of all programs.

Microsoft also make inventory management software named Microsoft dynamics. While most appropriate for big business and managers who demand many reports – it may not be affordable for small business owners. In addition, the software can be complicated to learn and be difficult to train employees at first but at least you know you are getting software from the largest software company on the planet.